Original Nordic Walking from Finland

Original Nordic Walking from Finland

Our mission is to unite member individuals, organizations and industry partners in educational, research and promotional projects aimed at increasing participation in Nordic Walking and thus creating a critically needed positive impact on public health on every continent around the globe.

We have been practicing, teaching, coaching, living Nordic sports and nutrition for more than 20 years from athletic and rehab point of view.

Human being is the most valuable machine in the world and we know how it works and what it needs.

Now it is time for us to share the knowledge

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ONW TRAINER, level 2. & COACH, level 3. Certificates 

What’s special about the ONW TRAINER & ONW COACH Certificates?

We think that special in this education program is that:
– It is handled by Master of sports studies, active sports coach and author of many sports books – 
Marko Kantaneva.

– Teacher is a man who have created Original Nordic Walking Concept already in 1997 as a physical activity that now becomes a competitive sport.

– You have an opportunity to learn all the aspects of Nordic Walking based on sports science and even more.

– You will learn how to teach people how they can enhance their well being in the modern world with a very simple but effective physical activity – Nordic Walking.

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  • We do not want you to be committed to any particular technique or method instead we want you to be consistently looking for new ways to achieve your best result in the most suitable for you way. Our aim is to help you to find this way!

Our central focus will be on empowering and encouraging people of all ages, abilities and means to enjoy a more active life and in doing so prevent the onset of many of the epidemic diseases of sedentary living through regular enjoyment of the body, mind and spirit-nurturing benefits of Original Nordic Walking from Finland.

  • OUR MISSION: influence, encourage and persuade all in the community to adopt healthy lifestyle choices.
  • OUR VALUES: Positive feelings, lifestyle & messages.
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History lesson. Variation of heart rate in normal walking vs. Nordic Walking

The test shown on below was carried out at the Finnish Sports Institute in Vierumäki ( with the medical station’s treadmill on 20 January 1999. The Table below was previously published in the guidebook From Sauvakävelystä Sauvaliikuntaan eng. Nordic Walking to Pole Sports (M.Kantaneva, R.Kasurinen 1999).

The purpose of the test was not to provide scientifically incontestable proof of increased heart rate resulting from Nordic Walking as opposed to normal walking. It was rather a concrete repeated test involving one individual, during which the heart rate curve variations at constant speed and constant slant of the treadmill was monitored. During the test, heart rate variations were monitored when a 5-minute walk was followed by 5 minutes of Nordic Walking. Furthermore, the purpose of the test was to find out what happens to the heart rate, if another 5-minute normal walking trip was taken after a Nordic Walking trip. There was no pause between the mode changes, instead the test continued without stopping for 15 minutes.

Walking 5 minNordic Walking   5 minWalking 5 minDIFFERENCE beats/min AND CHANGE %
av 1) 136,1 beats/minav 1) 156,2 beats/minav 1) 144,6 beats/minav 1-2) 20,1 beats/min / 14,8 %   av 2-3) 11,6 beats/min / 7,4 %

av 1-2) Walking 1 and Nordic Walking 2, difference between average heart rates and change in percent

av 2-3) Nordic Walking 2 and walking 3, difference between average heart rates and change in percent

So, what is Nordic walking?

In brief, Nordic walking is enhanced walking where the arms are also used to push.

In Nordic walking, the movements of your arms, feet, pelvic area and the entire body are similar to those employed during a vigorous walk. In Nordic walking, the opposite arms and feet swing in alternation and rhythmically forwards and backwards just as in normal walking, but clearly more intensively. It is important to try to learn the correct rhythm and swing moves of Nordic walking as correctly as possible right from the start in order to ensure the best training effects. The amplitude of arm swing in the back and forth direction also sets the swing breadth of the lower limbs, i.e. the legs. Short arm motions are translated into short pelvis and leg motions.

The same happens vice versa, when one walks with short strides. In this case, it is impossible to make extensive back and front arm swings. The further the pole is thrust back behind the pelvic line, the longer the stride required. The longer and more complete the above-mentioned swinging motion of the upper and lower limbs, the stronger the twists of the pelvis, chest, neck and shoulders. Nordic walking performed with wide and maximally large as well as alternating overall joint angles is an extremely good workout as well as beneficial for the skeleton and organs.

So, what does Nordic walking offer you?

In addition to improvements in personal physical wellness, Nordic walking offers enthusiasts much more. A lively mind means that you are happier. Poles have given you motivation for regular physical activity. Flexibility provided by pole gymnastics. All this gives you the feeling of more zip vigour and vitality etc.

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