Another series joins the World Nordic Walking League!

This time we welcome the Podkarpacki Puchar Nordic Walking from Poland! We are extremely excited that such a distinguished series with an extraordinary history joins the world competitions. What can you expect when competing in the Podkarpacie region of Poland? First of all: high level of competition, top riders, professional refereeing service, unusual hospitality, great fun and many amazing attractions as well as the opportunity to explore regional flavors! We cordially invite you to the competitions in Poland, which will be held in:
Blizna- April 30
Horyniec Zdrój- 21 May
Nowa Dęba- June 4 (Podkarpacie Championships)
Jaroslaw- July 2
Kolbuszowa- 16 July
Strzyżów- August 6th
Handzlówka- 17 September

More info, registration on:

Join Your competition to the International Nordic Walking League and gain international recognition!

The first country to join the international Nordic Walking competition system is Poland. A total of twelve competitions have been added to the system

  • Polish Championships in Nordic Walking
  • eleven competitions of the Polish Cup rank

If you would like to submit your event for international ranking, please email us at:

General rules for joining events in the World Nordic Walking League:


  • gain international recognition for Nordic Walking competitions
  • you join an international team dedicated to the development of Nordic Walking competitions around the world
  • opportunity to use ONWF and World Nordic Walking League logos in the promotion of your event
  • you get the opportunity to obtain an international rank of the competition
  • you receive international advertising of the competition on the websites of ONWF, World League and subordinate social media
  • you receive the opportunity to join competitors from abroad to compete at your event
  • you get the opportunity to use an advanced tool to manage your event or competition cycle
  • you get the opportunity to use an automatic ranking system (it is possible to create a ranking of players only in your cycle or your country)
  • you have an automatic system of registration and payment for competitions
  • you get a possibility of automatic generation of files with diplomas for players
  • you obtain international recognition of your competition’s competitors by joining them to the international ranking, thus gaining the opportunity to compete with Nornic Walkers from all over the world,
  • you receive individual support in the organization of competitions or operation of the information system
  • you gain the status of consultant and have an influence on the further development of the system of international competition

What is the international ranking of Nordic Walking ONWF?

  • in short, the first competitor of the competition on a given distance gets the maximum number of points depending on the rank of the competition
  • next competitors score as many points as time loss they have to the first competitor


Requirements for the event organizer in order to join the World Nordic Walking League:

  • submitting a proposal for the rank of the event you want to organize:
  1. online event (ranking index 200)
  2. regional event (ranking index 500)
  3. national cup (ranking indes1000)
  4. national championship (ranking index 1500)
  5. continental cup (ranking index 2000)
  6. continental championship (ranking index 2500)
  7. world cup- (ranking index 2000)
  8. world championships (ranking index 3000)
  • meeting the formal and quality criteria of the event as well as the standard of the route depending on the rank of the competition – we discuss the details at an individual meeting
  • submitting a route for the competition that belongs to at least one of the three distances on which the ranking is conducted: 5, 10 or 20km. It is very important that at the notification of competitions and distances on which they will be held, the route did not have a smaller number of km, it can have more
  • creating the event subpage on with filling in the basic information
  • choosing the way of detailed cooperation and completing the necessary formalities related to it (conducting records directly using the ONWF IT system or conducting records through your own external IT system)

See you on the Nordic Walking trails!

Korona Polski, NWPL Polish Cup gets amazing international recognition!

Poland is the first country to join the World Nordic Walking League, coordinated by the World Original Nordic Walking Federation, under the patronage of Nordic Walking creator Marko Kantaneva. 🇵🇱🇫🇮

„We are honored by this amazing opportunity and hope to promote Nordic Walking events at the highest level through the efforts of the individual organizers, sponsors and the NWPL team. This system will certainly contribute to the promotion of nordic walking around the world and help to create and standardize the ranking of the best athletes in the world!”
Marcin Szulc – President of Nordic Walking Poland

Please visit the official website where you can follow which events (and soon which countries) will be added to the international competition system:😁🥢

If you would like to add your event to the World Nordic Walking League, please contact us at office@

We invite you to the second edition of the World Championships in Nordic Walking!

This time the competition will be held under the auspices of two of the largest organizations in the world:

World Original Nordic Walking Federation (ONWF) and the founder of Nordic Walking Marko Kantaneva
European Federation of New Walking (ENWO)

Registration link: CLICK HERE

In Poland, the patronage over the event and the main organizer are:
– Polish Nordic Walking Federation
– Nordic Walking Poland

Patronage of honor over the event covered:
– Voit of Choczewo Gmina
– portal

What we have prepared for you:
– competition with the strongest competitors from around the world!
– professional time measurement
– Competition in age categories, including a separate category for children and people with disabilities
– Additional competition for the best walking technique
– Competition for the best team and family!
– Water, fresh fruit at the nutrition points and the finish line area
– beautiful cast medal and a rich start package for everyone!
– warm meal and water during each day of the competition
– opportunity to meet the creator of Nordic Walking – Marco Kantaneva and Janez Lipiec – President of the European Organization of New Walking
– statuettes for winners in each category
– professional, international refereeing service on the route
– and much more! 

Link to the event on Facebook: CLICK