4. History lesson. Variation of heart rate in normal walking vs. Nordic Walking

The test shown on below was carried out at the Finnish Sports Institute in Vierumäki (www.vierumaki.fi) with the medical station’s treadmill on 20 January 1999. The Table below was previously published in the guidebook From Sauvakävelystä Sauvaliikuntaan eng. Nordic Walking to Pole Sports (M.Kantaneva, R.Kasurinen 1999). sauvakavely_opas

The purpose of the test was not to provide scientifically incontestable proof of increased heart rate resulting from Nordic Walking as opposed to normal walking. It was rather a concrete repeated test involving one individual, during which the heart rate curve variations at constant speed and constant slant of the treadmill was monitored. During the test, heart rate variations were monitored when a 5-minute walk was followed by 5 minutes of Nordic Walking. Furthermore, the purpose of the test was to find out what happens to the heart rate, if another 5-minute normal walking trip was taken after a Nordic Walking trip. There was no pause between the mode changes, instead the test continued without stopping for 15 minutes.



5 min

Nordic Walking

5 min


5 min

DIFFERENCE beats/min 


av 1) 136,1 beats/min av 1) 156,2 beats/min av 1) 144,6 beats/min av 1-2) 20,1 beats/min / 14,8 %

av 2-3) 11,6 beats/min / 7,4 %

av 1-2) Walking 1 and Nordic Walking 2, difference between average heart rates and change in percent

av 2-3) Nordic Walking 2 and walking 3, difference between average heart rates and change in percent

2. Why is Nordic walking the best all-in-1 workout in the world?  

page16• When exercising with Nordic walking, you are always improving the condition of all your major muscle groups – i.e. the fitness of your arms, back, abdomen, pelvic area and feet muscles;

• When exercising with Nordic walking, you are always improving the state of your respiratory and cardiovascular system. The fitness of your lungs, heart and blood vessels;

• You can practise Nordic walking wherever you wish and whenever you wish – on roads, in parks, on the beach, in the woods;

• Nordic walking movements are completely natural and functional. Movements are the same as those of normal walking;

• Nordic walking suits everyone. Nordic walking can be practised with good results by top athletes, people attracted to fitness sports and those who want to promote their health, elderly and young people and children;

• Using Nordic walking devices – the poles – you can perform a number of movements that will make you more agile, stronger and fitter.