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Miroslav Kalčic

Email: kalcic@e-kbm.cz

Phone: +420608281308

Czech Republic


A few years ago, I was looking for a movement I would enjoy, and I came across Nordic Walking! It took my heart, and I wanted to pass on my enthusiasm and love for this fantastic and healthy sport. Nordic Walking is helping my clients significantly to give back to their health! Almost 90% of the muscles work when the proper technique is mastered. It increases the endurance of your cardiovascular system, lowers cholesterol and blood glucose levels, and reduces excess weight. Strengthens the internal stabilization system and posture, relieves back and joint pain and increases body oxygenation. It is healthier than running (and I have run half marathons) and is suitable for all ages, convalescents, and performance athletes in any weather. The essential thing is to master the correct technique, which determines the benefits or riscs of this physical activity. I am an instructor with the highest accreditation from the Ministry of Education, and my teachers were the best. I am a member of the Czech-Moravian Federation of NW. I organize individual and group lessons by appointment in our beautiful region, the Ore Mountains, the Czech Forest, and the West Bohemian Spa. I love to move mountains and nature, and I love photography. Explore our region with me :-)