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1.) To become a individual member of the ONWF ONW BRONZE member or ONW TRAINER (Silver membership) or ONW COACH (Gold membership)

1 a.) you need to attend a professionally recognized ONWF Original Nordic walking training program. You can do it in our educational seminars… Ask more>> to know how & where…

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1 b.) Or do ONW COACH or ONW TRAINER ONLINE LEARNING course. ONW COACH (level 3.) and ONW TRAINER (level 2.) online learning description in a nutshell:

  • Student do confirmation of e-learning by paying in web shop
  • Student receive after paying course e-materials
  • Student and Marko Kantaneva agree time of course introduction call
  • Based on agreed schedule and guidelines of online learning process is getting started

Read more>>

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3) Become organisational member of ONWF – either ONWF National Club or ONW Club. PLEASE, NOTE: There can be existing only one ONWF National Club / Country. ONW Clubs can be existing in the country unlimited number and without National Club being presented.

Apply here>>





3 thoughts on “How to get the qualification?

  1. Hello there

    I am a Nordic Walking Instructor in UK and I wonder do you currently have someone who holds a licence here?

    I am very interested in becoming one if you od not have one. I live pretty much in the middle of the country.

    I look forward to hearing from you



    1. Hi Theresa,
      We do not have operations in UK. But I strongly recommend to contact Nordic Walking UK. They have great top quality education and very professional way to work. Contact, Mr.Martin Christie
      Marko Kantaneva


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