ONWF- mission, purpose and plans

1. Mission of ONWF organization: the main organization in world supporting people taking care of their health.
– promoting NW as the easiest and healthiest sport discipline in the world
– conducting scientific research about NW technique and traning with poles
– promoting outdoor training programs with poles as alternative to gym and fitness
– development and promotion of ONWF educational programs for training of professional instructors, trainers and judges of Nordic walking
– development of various forms of motivation people to regular activity (like gamification, application etc)
– Nordic Walking as an example of creating outdoor fitness clubs – creating educational programs for the development of instructors and trainers of ONWF
– help our instructors and partners in work- by creating IT systems and applications

2. Purpose of organization
– uniting national organization in ONWF- together we are more powerful than localy
– unification the rules of training instructors, trainers
– unification and create international judge rules in competitions
Рcreate various types of income for ONWF and ONWF partners: online training, courses (instructors, judges, trainers), international conventions, IT systems and apllications  (like: pass system, world and national ligue)
– Nordic walking as an Olympic discipline