1. National Club membership is:

  • 500 euro for the first 3 years
  • 200 euro every other 3 years

Registeration: en.markokantaneva.com/lomake.html?id=26767 

2. Club membership in ONWF is:

  • 200 euro for the first 3 years
  • 100 euro every other 3 years

Registeration: en.markokantaneva.com/lomake.html?id=26767 

(Clubs can be existing in the country without National Club being presented)

2.1. If there is National Club existing in the country prices for being a club are:

  • 200 euro for the first 3 years (100 euro goes to ONWF, 100 euro to NC)
  • 100 euro every other 3 years (50 euro to ONWF, 50 euro to NC)

3. ONWF education (this education is given by Federation only with Diplomas and licenses): groups are minimum 10 people.

3.1. Can take place:

  1. In Finland at ONWF center
  2. Organized in other country per request
  3. As e-education form: https://en.markokantaneva.com/tuotteet.html?id=46858/ 

Educational memberships:

  • BRONZE / ONW LEADER membership 47 euro
  • SILVER / ONW TRAINER 150 euro
  • GOLD / ONW COACH 200 euro
  • Upgrade from TRAINER to COACH 90 euro

PLEASE, NOTE: These above are minimum recommended prices by ONWF.

4. Clubs or National Clubs are able to organise ONWF education by inviting ONWF or visiting ONWF headquarters and in this case clubs share from the cost of education is. Groups are minimum 10 people

  • BRONZE membership xx euro
  • ONW TRAINER xx euro
  • ONW COACH xxx euro
  • Upgrade from trainer to coach xx euro

Those shares are calculated from minimum ONWF educational prices but National Club or Club can increase the price for education in order to cover administrative, travel and accomodation expenses.  

Clubs or National clubs are able to organixe education by themselves. In this case ONWF share for educational material, liscence and ID are as follows:

  • Bronze   x,xx euro per person
  • Silver xx,xx euro per person
  • Gold xx,xx euro per person

Important: Prior education ONWF the registration of the participants should be done at: https://en.markokantaneva.com/lomake.html?id=33110 

And license fee should be paid at: https://en.markokantaneva.com/products.html?id=38342/644935 (After registration web shop opens automatically to pay fees).

It is recommended that before National Club or Club start to conduct education by themselves it is very much needed to organize education with ONWF at first to learn the course and education process.

5. ONWF team can be invited for:

Seminars, events, speaker, lectures ONWF fee — travel expences and meals + 1000 euro minimum and then calculated based on days

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ONWF: Management & Education

  • Phone / WhatsApp: +358 45 214 6681

Postal Address:

  • Pakkalanrinne 3 B 22
  • 01510 Vantaa

ONWF Reg.No: 205.453


Marko Kantaneva

Head of Education & President of ONWF