The Association Rules of World Original Nordic Walking Federation (ONWF)

1 § The name of the Association is World Original Nordic Walking Federation (ONWF) ry. The Association is domiciled in Vantaa, Finland and it operates internationally. Languages used are Finnish, English, Russian and Spanish. The registration language is Finnish. ONWF is Registered in Finland 2010 with Reg.No: 205.453 as an international federation. 

2 § The purpose of the Association is to promote and supervise original Nordic Walking in Finland and abroad, and to advance Nordic Walking -related professional skills.

3 § In order to serve its purpose, the Association will;

  • take care of professional skills, professional ethics and professional identity of its members by organizing training sessions and participating in training and seminary events 
  • participate in international discussions of sports policies, and in general advocacy of Nordic Walking
  • take care of directing valid information to the associated professionals
  • advance training development and quality by putting forward proposals and motions to various authorities
  • organize training courses and study tours for its members
  • maintain national and international contacts by co-operating with other entities of the same sector. 
  • To support its activities, the Association can;
  • accept and administer gifts, legacies, movable and immovable properties, donations and assets of any kind
  • organize entertainment events, fund-raisers and lotteries, and a restaurant business
  • be involved in publishing
  • be engaged in educational activities

4 § The regular membership can include any private individuals who are interested in Nordic Walking as a fitness exercise. The educational membership will include individuals who have been formally educated or have extensive experience in the fields of sports and/or health care. All must be willing to abide the Association rules. 

The regular or support membership can include incorporated societies that promote activities of the Association or work towards achieving its aims. 

The Board will approve membership applications of persons and societies, who agree to comply with the Association rules and decisions. 

The Association can invite honorary members according to the nomination by the Board such persons as have remarkably promoted and contributed to the activities of the Association. 

5 § The resignation and expulsion of a member

A member has the right to resign from the Association by informing his/her intention in writing to the Board or the President or by informing this at a Meeting to be noted in the minutes. It takes effect immediately, but the resigning member is obliged to pay his/her due until the end of the calendar year. The Board can expel a member if he/she has not fulfilled the obligations to which he/she agreed to on joining the Association or no longer fulfils the prerequisites for membership as stated by the Association rules.

6 § Expelling a member

The Board can expel a member if his/her membership fee remains unpaid for more than six (6) months from the due date.

7 § Membership fees

The Annual Fall Meeting decides the amount of the membership fees for individual and organizational members respectively. The honorary members do not pay membership fees. 

8 § Annual & Extraordinary Meetings of the Association

The Association will have two Annual Meetings, a Spring Meeting between March and May, and a Fall Meeting between October and December. The place and exact date will be decided by the Board.

The Board has to send the invitation to Annual Meetings to the members either by mail or email at least thirty (30) days before the meeting, or it will be announced in the Association Journal at least thirty days in advance.

Spring Meeting:

1. Opening of the meeting

2. Election of the president, secretary, two minutes-checkers and ballot counters 

3. Members with voting rights duly noted

4. Legality and quorum of the meeting 

5. Presentation of the financial statements, annual report and the auditors’ statement 

6. Approval of the financial statement and decision on discharging the Board members and other persons accountable from accountability 

7. Other issues arisen and mentioned in the meeting invitation 

8. End of the meeting

Fall Meeting:

1. Opening of the meeting 

2. Election of the president, secretary, two minutes-checkers and ballot counters. 

3. Members with voting rights duly noted

4. Legality and quorum of the meeting 

5. The membership in other organizations and societies decided

6. Ratification of the membership fees

7. Ratification of the action plan and budget

8. Election of the President (every other year)

9. Election of the members of the Board of Directors to replace the ones in turn to resign 

10. Election of two auditors and two deputy auditors

11. Representatives to accociated organizations and societies selected

12. Other issues arisen and mentioned in the meeting invitation 

13. End of the meeting

If a member of the association wishes to include any issue to the meetings, he/she must notify the Board in writing forty-five (45) days before opening of the meeting. 

An Extraordinary Meeting can be called, when a Meeting so decides or when the Board sees it fit or when at least one tenth (1/10) of the voting members of the Association so demand in writing for settling a specific issue. The issue must be mentioned in the invitation. The meeting will be held within sixty (60) days of being demanded. 

At the Meetings every individual and honorary members will have one (1) vote. Supporting members have the right to attend and speak.

The decision of the association meetings will be the opinion that has received over half of the given votes. Elections are decided by relative majority. In the case of a tied election, the outcome will be determined by the drawing of lots. In other issues the President has the deciding vote. In all meetings voting is done by secret ballot. 

The votes cannot be used by a proxy or representative. 

9 § 

Administration of the Association

The Association is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of the President and eight (8) other members, all of them with two (2) year terms. One half of the Board members has to resign on a yearly basis. 

The Board shall choose from its ranks two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer, and other necessary officials which may be selected from outside the Board. 

The Board comes to session by the invitation of the President or Vice-President, when they see fit, or when at least half of the members of the Board demands an assembly in writing.

The Board is quorum when at least half of its members including the President or Vice-President are present. 

The tasks and responsibilities of the Board of Directors:

  1. To implement the decisions of the Meetings
  2. To manage and delevope activities of the Association 
  3. To select the appropriate committees, sub-committees and working groups and their presidents 
  4. To be accountable for the Association’s finances
  5. To keep a membership list
  6. To produce the Association’s annual reports and financial statements 
  7. To make a financial operating plan for the following year
  8. To manage Association’s public relations
  9. To accept or dismiss members 
  10. To choose and dismiss employed funtionaries of the Association and to agree their benefit packages
  11. To take any other measures that the interests of the Association requires
  12. To hand over the accounts for the auditors’ review at least three weeks before the Spring Meeting. 

10 § The fiscal year of the Association is one calendar year

11§ The President or the secretary has the right to use the Association’s name officially

12 § Changing the Association rules

The decision of changing the Association rules must be made at the Meeting by at least two third’s (2/3) majority of the given votes. The invitation must include a note of the proposal of change to the rules. 

13 § Dissolving the Association

The decision of dissolving the Association must be made at the Meeting by at least three fourths (3/4) majority of the given votes. The invitation to the meeting must include a note of the proposal of dissolution of the Association. 

14 § The extradiction of Association assets

If the Association is going to be dissolved the assets will be used to promote Nordic Walking in a manner decided by the meeting on the dissolution. The estate liquidators will be chosen by the meeting.