The mission of the World Original Nordic Walking Federation (ONWF) is to unite member individuals, organizations and industry partners in educational, research and promotional projects aimed at increasing participation in Nordic Walking and thus creating a critically needed positive impact on public health on every continent around the globe.

Our central focus will be on empowering and encouraging people of all ages, abilities and means to enjoy a more active life and in doing so prevent the onset of many of the epidemic diseases of sedentary living through regular enjoyment of the body, mind and spirit-nurturing benefits of Original Nordic Walking from Finland.

OUR MISSION: influence, encourage and persuade all in the community to adopt healthy lifestyle choices.

OUR VALUES: Positive feelings, lifestyle & messages.

SAVE THE PLANET POLICY: We work only in web (www.onwf.org)


E-mail: marko(at)markokantaneva.com

web: http://www.onwf.org

ONWF: Management & Education

Ph: +358 45 214 6681

Postal Address: Pakkalanrinne 3 B 22, 01510 Vantaa, FINLAND

ONWF is Registered in Finland. Reg.No: 205.453


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